2 Wind Energy in Iowa

The United States Wind Resource Map


US Electric Grid


Sources of Power in Iowa


Iowa’s Winds Speeds Annually


Iowa Average Wind Speeds by Month


Iowa #2 in Wind Energy Generation

  • Iowa is 3rd in the nation in installed capacity
  • 36.9% of electrical production in Iowa is from wind.
  • 4,145 wind turbines online in the state

source https://www.awea.org/statefactsheets


Wind Turbine Manufacturing and Farms


Iowa is prominent in the national wind industry

  • Iowa is 2nd nationally in installed capacity.



Service Area of MidAmerican Energy


Iowa is prominent in the national wind industry

  • https://www.awea.org/manufacturing
  • Also, observe the amount of manufacturing in Iowa and bordering states (MN, WI, IL, NE, SD) for wind turbines and components (Figure 18).


This power point covers wind energy in Iowa

Wind Energy in Iowa (power point)

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Wind Energy in Iowa (worksheet)


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