Critical Questions About Your Courses

A large portion of getting started on the right foot is making sure you have access to and know the right information. Make sure you have all the information figured out below:

Course Specifics

To help you get started, explore each class you are in and figure out the answers to the questions below:

  • When does each class start and end?
  • Read through the syllabus- what are three items or policies that you found that are important to make a note of? This is the best place to find information on class policies that you will need to know.
    • What types of assignments are due and when? What about assigned readings?
      • When do you have discussion posts due and how often are quizzes/exams?
      • What is the first assignment for the class and when will you complete it?
  • What materials will be used?
    • Be sure to purchase what you need and if your course uses it, make sure you can login in to any Day 1 Digital (D1D) texts or other software used online.
    • If you need help with class materials, check out the Bookstore in Benton Hall or call at 319-398-5469.
  • When is the final drop date for my class should you need to withdraw?
For an In-Person Course For an Online Course
  • When is your class and where is it on campus?
  • Do you have reliable transportation to campus or do you plan to use the bus?
  • Do you have time between your classes? If so, do you have a place planned where you can study or hang out?
    • We recommend the Library or Iowa Hall, but many campus buildings have common areas you are welcome to use.
  • Are you comfortable with using the technology needed for your class?
  • Are you able to login to Talon and figure out the way your class’s course content is organized?
  • Do you turn in all your work in Talon or through another learning platform?
  • What is your first assignment you need to complete for attendance verification?
  • Do you need to schedule any proctored exams?

Still Have a Question?

Is there something that you realize that you aren’t sure about? Be sure to reach out to one of these support options to assist you or check out the support services available on the next page.

  • Who your advisor is can be found in MyHub by going to Course Planner and then Advising. They can answer questions about your program, class schedule, registration, and help navigate campus resources.
  • For course and assignment related questions, your instructor is the best source of information for you.
  • The department your program or class is housed in can also help with general questions.
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Allied Health


Arts & Humanities


Business & IT
Continuing Education


Comm., English, & Media


Health Occupations


Hospitality Arts


Industrial Technologies






Social Sciences


Support Services Available

All support services are available to students at no cost. Be sure to find out more information on Kirkwood’s Learning Services, TRIO, Veteran Affairs, Health Services, Tutoring, Writing Center, Career Services, Counseling, and more so that you can utilize the services when you need them.
If you need help knowing where to get started, be sure to connect with your advisor or Academic Coach to help you navigate what’s available to you.

Campus Safety

Click here to sign up for campus alerts to stay informed about weather-related closings or any critical events on campus.


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