Online courses can be challenging at times to navigate everything that you need to know and fit in your schedule. Whether you’re a new student or you’ve been enrolled for a couple semesters, it’s okay to need help. Some of the difficulty is knowing where to start. In addition to your instructors, Kirkwood has a wide variety of resources available to help support your goals, including an Academic Coach!

So what can an Academic Coach help you with?

Separate from an advisor or counselor, an Academic Coach is another connection you can make when you feel like you are struggling with a class or your role as a student.

We are here to support your overall success as a student and work with you in order to identify what barriers you have, problem solve, build on skills, teach different strategies to promote better learning, and get you connected to resources as needed. When you are feeling overwhelmed figuring out your week and where to fit in schoolwork or are not sure where to start when studying, meeting with an Academic Coach is a beneficial step to get on the right track.

Are you ready to build on your current skillset to help you improve academically? Please browse the topics in this text to help you navigate where you can get started with learning more.

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