Examples of Note Taking Styles & Online Sources

External Sources

  • Remnote is an excellent, free application in which you can take notes and better organize them for future studying.
  • Check out more information on the most popular note taking strategies from Oxford Learning.

  •  You can also look into visual note taking, which implements doodling to increase memory recall and help you identify key points in your notes.

  •  Life Hack also has a great description of 7 note taking methods. 
Here are some common note taking methods to try:
  • Cornell Notetaking method – good overall method, helps put into own words in summary & easy to find key ideas with cue column when studying

  • Outline – can include a lot of organized detail

  • Mapping – good visual, helps to show relationships with topics or steps in a process

  • Charting (two ways) – used for comparison

  • Boxing – good to keep notes organized by point


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