Informative Speaking and Research

Course Outcome: Demonstrate appropriate research, organizational and delivery skills for public communication.

Informative speaking is an important skill that you will likely use often in your future career.  Healthcare workers use informative speaking to explain procedures, treatments, etc… to patients.  In the corporate world, informative speaking is used when training or explaining how a process works.  Teachers are informative speakers by nature!  This unit builds on your Personal Narratives and adds research.  We will be discussing how to effectively research and find credible sources.  It’s more difficult than you think, especially now with information so readily available to us.  It can be overwhelming to constantly engage in critical thinking in determining the source.  In this unit, you’ll start preparing your informative presentation and learn techniques to research effectively.

By the end of this unit, you will be able to:

  • Explain the difference between Informative and Persuasive Speaking
  • Describe the types of Informative Speaking
  • Apply Lateral Reading to determine credibility of source material
  • Demonstrate proper citation (written and oral)
  • Create an outline for an Informative Speech


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