Abusive Manner. Conduct that results in physical harm or creates intense feelings of fear, humiliation, manipulation, or exploitation in another person.

Conflict of Interest. A situation that arises when a practitioner of project management is faced with making a decision or doing some act that will benefit the practitioner or another person or organization to which the practitioner owes a duty of loyalty and at the same time will harm another person or organization to which the practitioner owes a similar duty of loyalty. The only way practitioners can resolve conflicting duties is to disclose the conflict to those affected and allow them to make the decision about how the practitioner should proceed.

Duty of Loyalty. A person’s responsibility, legal or moral, to promote the best interest of an organization or other person with whom they are affiliated.

Project Management Institute (PMI). The totality of the Project Management Institute, including its committees, groups, and chartered components such as chapters, colleges, and specific interest groups.

PMI Member. A person who has joined the Project Management Institute as a member.

PMI-Sponsored Activities. Activities that include, but are not limited to, participation on a PMI Member Advisory Group, PMI standard development team, or another PMI working group or committee. This also includes activities engaged in under the auspices of a chartered PMI component organization—whether it is in a leadership role in the component or another type of component educational activity or event.

Practitioner. A person engaged in an activity that contributes to the management of a project, portfolio, or program, as part of the project management profession.

PMI Volunteer. A person who participates in PMI-sponsored activities, whether a member of the Project Management Institute or not.


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