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Welcome to the Project Management Basics book!

My name is Sharon Blanchard and I am a faculty member at Kirkwood Community College in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  I teach multiple Project Management Courses and this book was created with intentions to use in Project Management Basics (MGT-121).

This book is a collection of YouTube videos, website content, Open Educational Resources (OERs) from other authored textbooks on Pressbooks as well as content that I originally created.  Content was curated with the intention to align with the 7th Edition of the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) by the Project Management Institute’s (PMI).  I hope you find it useful in your learning journey with the “predictive or waterfall” method of Project Management.

To other readers:

The primary purpose of this text is to provide an open source textbook that covers most project management courses. The material in the textbook was obtained from a variety of sources.  I expect, with time, the book will grow with more information and more examples.

I welcome any feedback that would improve the book. If you would like to add a section to the book, please let me know.


The majority of this text has been adapted from:

  1. Essentials of Project Management. Adam Farag, PhD in partnership with the OER Design Studioand the Library Learning Commons at Fanshawe Collegein London, Ontario.
  2. Project Management – 2nd Edition. By Adrienne Watt and Watt, Adrienne.
  3. Managing Project Costs, Risks, Quality and Procurement: The source URL was Author: Florence Daddey. License: Managing Project Costs, Risks, Quality and ProcurementCopyright © by Florence Daddey. All Rights Reserved.


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